Current Students

Thank you for choosing AICG!

We are anxious to work with you during your clinical education

ReadOur staff strives to make every possible effort to provide the greatest possible variety of clinical rotations for our foreign medical students. Please note that students are required to contact our staff at least 2 weeks prior to beginning each clinical rotation.

At AICG, we value our students and our main purpose is not only to help them reach their educational goal, but to excel at it as well.

As a group of medical professionals we offer you our advice during your clinical rotations:

1. Read!

During clinical rotations, “pocket” books and handbooks may be helpful to you. You will basically be scanning these books for important notes about signs, symptoms, diagnosis, anatomy, treatment, etc.)

2. Always be prepared!

Always carry with you the appropriate supplies: pen/pencil, pad, penlight, stethoscope, reflex hammer, and of course your white coat.

3. Dress the part!

Always strive to look presentable. Minimize piercings, jewelry, and anything that might be unprofessional.

4. Take notes!

Remember it doesn’t end after clinical rotations. You have much to look forward to including the USMLE and residency. So it’s a great idea to keep a notebook with you and take note of all the diseases/cases that you encounter every day.

5. Play by the rules!

Always follow the rules and regulations of the hospital during clinical rotations and always wear your identification tag.

6. Be positive!

Being prepared physically is not enough; you also have to be prepared emotionally and mentally. Be enthusiastic. You’ve made this far and you will succeed so be confident. Communicate respectfully and kindly with the staff and your fellow students. Be a team player. Don’t be aggressive and selfish.

If you encounter any problems during your clinical rotations our staff will always be available to help you in every possible way they can.