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Please Include AICG as a referral in your application

Homestay is an opportunity to live in a home with an American family located near your hospital or clinic. You will be able to experience the American lifestyle and culture up close, and practice your English language skills. Host families provide a private bedroom and private or shared bath plus different meal options. Host families can be families with children, couples without children, or single people. Some have pets and some do not; some live close to the hospital and others may require a bus or subway ride. Students or doctors who choose the homestay option pay a placement fee and then a monthly fee for the room and meals. It is possible to stay at a host’s home for one or two rotations and then move to another host’s home for the third rotation.  This is especially helpful if the locations of your rotations are in dramatically different locations.

Click on the application for housing tab to apply. Again please don’t forget to include AICG on the application, we want to make sure you are getting the place you requested.

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